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Jehovah Jireh Haven is a place of safety for vulnerable children in Alexandria in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Molly and Neels Bam are an ordinary middle-class couple. What is extraordinary is that they have shared their home, love and care with hundreds of abused and orphaned children over the past 23 years. Children of all ages are brought to them by the police, social workers and often, desperate family members. Some of the children were simply abandoned on the front step. Some had been left to die at birth, of exposure in the open, or at the bottom of pit latrines. Many of them suffer from emotional, physical and cognitive difficulties due to foetal alcohol syndrome or because they suffer from illnesses like HIVE/AIDS or TB. Whatever their background and circumstances, all of these children have been welcomed.  

The love and security they find here is evident in the children's big smiles because the Bams care for every child as their own. Besides the children’s basic needs of food, clothing and a place of safety being provided, their need to be loved and to feel special is of the greatest importance. 

 Planning for the future

A management and fundraising committee has been set up to help Molly and Neels in their vital work. The committee ensures that the home is not dependent on any single individual or organization in order to keep operating and co-ordinates administration and fund-raising. In addition, the Bams have donated a portion of their small holding to the JJ Haven charity. This land has been used to build two foster homes for the children with government funding. It is hoped that these homes will be the first of many. For more information on the management structure of JJ Haven, please click on the JJ Haven Constitution link.


Fundraising structure

Molly and Neels have always used their own income to support the children, in addition to donations from generous individuals and sponsors. However, increased numbers and rising costs mean that further fundraising has become essential. An independent management committee, drawn from different sectors of the community co-ordinates this. The committee has competency in general and financial management and the care of children.

Donations to JJ Haven:

As the managing committee consists entirely of unpaid volunteers, all money donated to the Haven is used to meet the children's needs, including: nappies, toiletries, food, clothing, educational resources, accommodation and transport to medical appointments. All donations are greatly appreciated. These can be used to cover general costs, or you can specify ‘Funds for Food’ when you donate.

Please click on these links to donate money, sponsor a child, sponsor a child's education, donate goods or donate your time, should you wish to make a difference in the lives of the Jehovah Jireh Haven children. Please click on our projects link to see what your contribution will be used for. Our current projects focus on three major goals: to meet basic needs, improve facilities and to improve education.

JJ Haven Toddlers

JJ Haven depends on the generosity and support of the public to keep going, and is registered both as a Non Profit Organisation (078-566-NPO) and a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO 930037528).  As JJ Haven is a registered charity, South African donations are tax deductible in terms of S18A of the Income Tax Act for which tax certificates are issued.